E4M Quote - By Mr. Anant Roongta, Managing Director, Famous Studios.

Mar 26, 2022 1 min

As the high-speed internet continues to dominate content consumption in India, the user base across regions is expanding. Major consumption comes from Tier II and Tier III cities where people now have access to a smartphone which has enabled them to consume content on OTT. Regional content and local lingo is what resonates with such audience and that has successfully reshaped the regional storytelling on the digital medium. Regional content has an unexplored potential and the ability to establish a strong connect with the audience.  For instance, ‘Hoichoi’ is quite popular in Bengal for classic web shows, crime thrillers etc. Similarly, ‘Aha’ - a Telugu OTT platform supported by South India’s Mega Star Allu Arjun comprises of content specifically catering to the Telugu audience. From content and diversity standpoint, regional content has unmatched potential with compelling plots and earthy performances which is now getting the recognition and reach it deserves. India is a country with rich heritage and culture brimming with stories that are worthy of a far reaching platform to connect with its target audience. While the mainstream movie business focuses on commercial cinema, regional content on OTT is actively becoming a passage to showcase our tradition, and explore the layers of the local talent pool in the true sense.

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