From Vision to Reality: The Post-Production Triumph of IB71

Jul 27, 2023 3 mins

IB71, a highly anticipated action thriller, released on 12th May 2023 in India, has left the audiences awestruck with its spectacular visual effects and impeccable sound design. The movie's post- production work was carried out by a team of highly skilled professionals under the guidance of the Managing Director, Anant Roongta, and the CEO, Bhaarath Sunder, who ensured that every aspect of the movie was perfected before its release.

The VFX creative director, Rajeev Rajashekharan, along with VFX Supervisor, Vishwambhar Bhogle, 2D Supervisor, Sonalini Yashwant Ogale, Paint Lead, Ishwar Kedari Chougule, and Roto Lead, Sumit Milind Ambhore, worked tirelessly to create stunning visual effects that seamlessly blended with the live-action scenes, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.

The movie's sound design was also a crucial aspect that played a significant role in immersing the audience in the movie's world. Dubbing services for the project were provided by Akshay Solanki and Pradeep Mykal, along with Operation Manager (Sound), Nikhil Salunkhe, who ensured that every dialogue and sound effect was perfectly synchronized with the visuals, providing a realistic and engaging experience to the viewers.

The project was managed and headed by Kannan Lakshmanan, who oversaw every aspect of the post-production work, ensuring that it was completed within the given time frame and budget while maintaining the highest quality standards.

The Managing Director, Anant Roongta, expressed his satisfaction with the team's creativity and dedication, saying, "At the heart of every successful movie is a team that is passionate about their work and strives to push the boundaries of creativity. Our team at Famous Studios has done an exceptional job in bringing the vision of IB71 to life, and I am proud of their efforts."

The CEO, Bhaarath Sunder, emphasized the importance of post-production work in the movie industry, saying, "In the movie industry, post-production work plays a crucial role in bringing the director's vision to life. It not only enhances the overall cinematic experience but also opens up new business opportunities for the industry. Our team has once again showcased their expertise in this field, and I am confident that this will lead to many more exciting projects in the future."

In conclusion, the post-production work done on IB71 by the team at Famous Studios has set a new benchmark in the industry, showcasing their creativity, dedication, and technical expertise. It is a testament to their commitment to excellence and their passion for their craft, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future.

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