Famous Studios' Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision certified audio and video creative post production services are designed to provide you with powerful tools to make your work as innovative and breathtaking as you'd imagined it.

Audio Visual Post
Production Services

Our award winning artists ensure quality output, while maintaining efficiency. We have catered to every need of TV commercials, International broadcast channels, OTT platforms, film-makers and advertising agencies - adding a superb finishing touch with our post production services.

Offline Editing Services

Editing suites equipped with:

  • Avid Media Composer
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premier Pro
Color Grading (DI)

Flexible Dolby Vision 4K HDR grading solutions with a combination of Baselight and DaVinci Resolve.

Baselight Suite equipped with:

  • Blackboard One
  • Dolby Vision 4K HDR workflow
  • Sony BVM series 4K OLED monitor
  • Projector to grade feature films

DaVinci Resolve Suite equipped with:

  • Advanced Resolve panel
  • Dolby Vision 4K HDR workflow
  • Eizo 4K HDR monitor (ColorEdge Prominence CG3146)
  • Projector (TBD) (Barco)
VFX, CGI and 3D

Our strong foundation is built on a vibrant and creative team of 150+ VFX/CGI artists, consistently delivering global standard projects.

Our standards for excellence, are structured by proficiency in Rotomation, Rigging, Compositing, Lighting, and Animation, using a blend of the latest software such as After Effects, 3DS Max, Maya, and Flame.

Online Finishing & Design

Our Flame Premium 2021 suites offer the best tools with a user-friendly interface to deliver real time 3D compositing, advanced graphics, and design.

  • Autodesk Flame Premium for finishing and visual effects
  • 4K workflow with integrated Quantum SAN storage
Sound Engineering

Galactica, our flagship sound studios offer the latest Dolby Atmos HE and 5.1 certified sound facilities, all under one roof. From recording to dubbing, sound design to mix and orchestral scoring, we have it all covered.

  • Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. HE and 5.1 certified Sound Studios with Avid S6 and S1 consoles, (Avid S6 M40 - 4 Fader modules and 1 master module) (7.1.4 DynaAudio Acoustics Speaker System)
  • Dolby RMU
  • Acoustics, all designed and delivered by Munro Acoustics
  • End-to-end audio post production for all formats
  • Dubbing, Voice Over & Mixing capabilities in 60+ languages
  • Subtitling
  • Global network of native translators and artists
  • Cloud based platform for project management
Mastering & QC

End to End Mastering and QC services that include:

  • HDR Mastering
  • IMF Mastering
  • DCP Mastering
  • Dolby Vision Mastering