AI can be a game changer in Indian film production - By Mr. Anant Roongta, Managing Director, Famous Studios

Mar 26, 2022 3 mins

The onset of the second wave and the prolonged lockdown upended the content pipeline, halting film production, and closed down cinemas globally. While OTT platforms have kept the audiences engaged with entertainment, the technological advancements in film production has kept the business operational and afloat. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed and reshaped the film production operations model while producing world class output with some of the best editing, high-definition graphics, and visual effects available today. If leveraged effectively, AI can facilitate with anything from writing screenplays to casting actors to marketing and producing films and plays a crucial role in delivering quality content efficiently.He is how AI can be leveraged for Film Production:

AI generated Script
When it comes to curating a film, the screenplay is the king, and employing AI to generate fresh scripts allows the filmmakers to not only expedite the process significantly, saving filmmakers a substantial amount of time and funds involved but also produce efficient results.

Helps in selecting right cast
With right algorithms, AI can potentially assist in the selection of an appropriate cast. It can search the database for actors who meet the set criteria and provide a textual image description; it can also be used to digitally add actors to films in various emotions and even de-age actors for specific roles.

Promoting movies
For any director or producer, movie promotions are crucial for their upcoming projects. At that time, AI can assist in the analysis of many elements such as audience base, actor popularity across the globe, basis which, film studios can design their marketing campaigns based on specific locations where they anticipate the maximum audience interest. In the recent past, the movie industry has witnessed the effectiveness and reach of social media exploring various avenues to promote their film digitally across platforms.

Using AI for Efficient Dubbing
The latest AI dubbing technology synchronizes performers' mouths with recorded words to make watching a movie in a foreign language less disorienting. For example, if someone wants to watch a movie in a language they don't understand, they can either read subtitles, which might be a hassle, instead now they have the option of watching a dubbed version of the movie with the help of AI. The artist records the dialogue in a sound booth during the dubbing process, and the original dialogue is afterwards replaced with that audio.

AI in film post production
AI is assisting in the improvement of post-production processes in a variety of ways. The capability of AI to automate previously repetitious operations like metadata tagging, captioning, and even rotoscoping makes it extremely useful in post-production. It ensures that instead of 700 mouse clicks per day, you only have to make 7 which is hugely helpful in saving time and effort both.

AI is at the forefront of a quiet revolution that has long been brewing within the Indian Film Industry. AI  is not only enabling and simplifying the process of film-making but is instrumental in improving the quality of cinema produced while ensuring greater impact with effective returns.

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