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We’re really good at what we do

We have a consummate work ethic combined with the need to produce superior quality deliverables. This ensures that we have top-of-the-line equipment including the HD and 2K Autodesk Flame Premium 2014, enhanced with award winning Lustre Color Grading tools. Having specialized in television commercials and films, our post-production services guarantee superb quality results every single time.

In-House Production

Famous Studios has been on the forefront of providing production services to Film makers and Producers in India and abroad.

Sound Stages

Bollywood’s most famous movies, TV Shows and Commercials have been shot on our stages for the past 7 decades. We offer clients 9 spacious sound stages with different dimensions for their requirements.

Cameras and Lenses

Famous offers a host of different cameras. Depending on your needs, we offer film cameras, Digital Cameras and Film Stream cameras: ARRI 235 / ARRI 435 / ARRI ALEXA / ARRI ALEXA XR / RED EPIC / VIPER FILMSTREAM. B4 Mount Lenses: ULTRA PRIME/ MASTER PRIME/ OPTIMO ZOOMS/ HR ZOOM/ ALURA ZOOM/ DIGI-PRIME LENSES. There are a selection of zoom lenses to choose from: Ultra-Prime Lenses / Master Prime Lenses / Digi-Prime lenses / HR Zoom / Alura Zoom / Optimo Zoom. Accessories such as shoulder mount kits, fluid heads, TV Logic Reference monitors among others are available as per requirement.


ARRI HMI & Tungsten lights / Kino Flo / LED Lighting / Lighting for high-speed shooting

On-set Supervision / DIT Consultant

Color-grading on set / Conforming / Back-up / Post Supervision / Metadata logging / Transcoding

Post Production

The beauty of post-production services lies in the fact that the final vision that we see on screen is often lifted directly from the directors’ imagination. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that our equipment is capable of showing dreams in HD & 2K.

Ingest and Data Management

Offline editing on AVID & FCP

Online editing and compositing on Autodesk Flame Premium 2014

DI & Grading on Autodesk Lustre 2014


Sound Recording, Mixing, Dubbing on Pro Tools

DVD & Blue-Ray Authoring—Sonic Blue-Ray

Tape-to-Tape Transfers

Preview Theatre—Christie Solaria 2K 3D Projection System

Famous House of Animation

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